Creating breakthrough thinking…

We are about ideas…helping you and your team have great ideas; the kind that can change everything for the better. Through intelligent use of creative tools and techniques in an appropriate environment we can help you to discover and develop the ideas that will give you the breakthrough you have been searching for.

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We believe that the power of organisations rests within their people and that tapping that power is the key to success. By bringing people together and providing them with the space, tools and environment to think it is possible to make breakthrough progress however great the challenge may be.

The Key Challenge

In today’s difficult times staying ahead of the competition isn’t just desirable it is essential. Achieving a lead often requires taking the time out to think about where you are, what is and isn’t working, where you want to go next and just how to get there. Many organisations just don’t feel that they can afford the time. We would simply ask you this…

Can you afford not to spend time on thinking about your future?

Our Approach

At IdeaSown we believe that businesses often have the answers to the challenges they face within their existing organisations yet they often fail to use the potential of their people to draw them out. Using a range of creative tools and techniques within what we call the ‘Idea Zone’ we will work with you and your team to build shared understanding, clear visions, creative and innovative solutions and commitment and enthusiasm for a plan of action to deal with your specific issues. We will discuss your challenge with you and scope what we believe can be achieved by bringing your people together in the zone in a creative environment designed specifically to Unlock Your Potential and help you to identify and develop the answers you have been searching for.

Our objective is to help you achieve the breakthrough thinking necessary to allow you to take action.